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Biological and behavioural impact of an adolescent sexual health intervention in Tanzania: a community-randomized trial. Version 2 of the document formerly known as “Protocols and guidelines for health promoting schools”. Google Scholar. 1998;68(6):248–53. Child and adolescent health matter. Health Education Regulation. Public Health Research 2013;1(1):(doi:10.3310/phr01010). 2008;47(6):612–8. 2008;103(4):606–18. N Engl J Med. By using this website, you agree to our Trevino RP, Hernandez AE, Yin Z, Garcia OA, Hernandez I. Li KK, Washburn I, Dubois D, Vuchinich S, Ji P, Brechling V, et al. Given the well-established links between poor nutrition and infectious disease on children’s cognitive development [100,101], the HPS framework should have much to offer in such contexts. The WHO recently highlighted the lack of attention paid to the impact of child health on educational outcomes in high-income countries [12]. Kriemler S, Zahner L, Schindler C, Meyer U, Hartmann T, Hebestreit H, et al. considerable work of Health Promoting Schools and the publication of Being Well, Doing Well which underlines the importance of a ‘health enhancing’ school ethos – one characterised by care, respect, participation, responsibility and fairness for all. Prev Med. In this review, we define HPS interventions as comprising the following three elements: input to the curriculum; changes to the school’s ethos or environment or both; and engagement with families or communities, or both. A policy-based school intervention to prevent overweight and obesity. Read about the procedures that govern health and safety in schools, the school nurse program and how healthy eating and physical exercise is encouraged. Department of Non-communicable Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Global School Health Initiative . KK was an investigator in three studies [57,58,63] included in the review and received royalties for the sale of these prevention curricula. Share. te Velde SJ, Brug J, Wind M, Hildonen C, Bjelland M, Perez-Rodrigo C, et al. Sensitivity analyses examined the impact of this decision on our analyses [14]. Hoffman JA, Franko DL, Thompson DR, Power TJ, Stallings VA. Longitudinal behavioral effects of a school-based fruit and vegetable promotion program. There was no evidence that these interventions were effective in reducing depression (Table 4). While the school is charged with educational goals, the structures and processes provided by schools also shape a young … Supplementary feeding for children aged three months to five years: does it work to improve their health and well-being? 1995;125(8 Suppl):2233S–8. The framework consists of three interrelated areas: Those interventions focused solely on nutrition increased fruit and vegetable intake by an average of 30 g/day or roughly half a portion. Wen LM, Fry D, Merom D, Rissel C, Dirkis H, Balafas A. London: Overseas Development Institute; 2014. Body Image. Project Northland: outcomes of a communitywide alcohol use prevention program during early adolescence. Lister-Sharp D, Chapman S, Stewart-Brown S, Sowden A. RC was the Principal Investigator and had the original idea for the review, obtained funding for it and oversaw the review process. Changing fruit and vegetable consumption among children: the 5-a-day power plus program in St. Paul, Minnesota. Wright CM, Parker L, Lamont D, Craft A. This imbalance is unjustified. The WHO Health Promoting School framework for improving the health and well-being of students and staff. The Anti-bullying intervention [74] found no effect on levels of depression in students. The health care system does a great job with health care problems once they have emerged, but in terms of shaping attitudes and behaviours, particularly those at an early age, we need to be doing that in those cultural settings where young people spend most of … The WA Health Promoting Schools Association Inc (WAHPSA) is a not for profit, non-government entity which advocates and supports a whole school and community approach to health and wellbeing. Wadsworth MEJ, Kuh DJL. Reducing playground bullying and supporting beliefs: an experimental trial of the Steps to Respect program. We are very grateful to Professor Geraldine Macdonald and all at the Cochrane Developmental, Psychosocial and Learning Problems Group for their assistance in producing this review. Rebecca Langford. 2012;43:84–100. The effects are small but potentially important at a population level. The child and adolescent trial for cardiovascular health (CATCH). Eddy JM, Reid JB, Stoolmiller M, Fetrow RA. Pathways: a school-based, randomized controlled trial for the prevention of obesity in American Indian schoolchildren. Physical activity and/or nutrition interventions tended to focus on younger children (<12 years) while substance use, violence, sexual health and mental health interventions usually targeted older students (12–14 year-olds). This is disappointing for two reasons. Overweight prevention implemented by primary school teachers: a randomised controlled trial. Inj Control Saf Promot. Finally, our review highlights the lack of evidence regarding the educational impact of the HPS framework. Berkman DS, Lescano AG, Gilman RH, Lopez SL, Black MM. Health Promoting Schools Framework - GDHR Portal. Eather N, Morgan P, Lubans D. Improving the fitness and physical activity levels of primary school children: results of the Fit-4-Fun randomized controlled trial. 7. The WHO health promoting school framework for improving the health and well‐being of students and their academic achievement. Am J Public Health. 2005;41(3):479–91. At least two review authors identified relevant trials, extracted data, and assessed risk of bias in the trials. Lancet. Equally, two of the most effective Multiple Risk Behaviour interventions [59,62] focusing on substance use and violence were conducted in elementary-school children, suggesting that intervening early may help prevent risk-taking in teenage years. a. establishment of a school safety and crisis team that includes the principal, school-employed mental health professionals, school security personnel, and appropriate community first responders; b. a balanced focus on promoting and protecting both physical and psychological safety; Waters E, de Silva-Sanigorski A, Hall B, Brown T, Campbell K, Gao Y, et al. Investing in child and adolescent health in such contexts is crucial for improving population health and, consequently, national economic development. D., Mannix Mcnamara. Privacy Hawe P, Shiell A, Riley T. Complex interventions: how “out of control” can a randomised controlled trial be? The use of cluster RCTs to evaluate complex interventions such as the HPS framework is much debated. Singh AS, Mulder C, Twisk JWR, Van Mechelen W, Chinapaw MJM. We also acknowledge the assistance of Val Hamilton, Selman Mirza, Pandora Pound, Heide Busse, Jeff Brunton and the EPPI-Reviewer team in various aspects of the review process. That some individual trials showed evidence of effect for several of these outcomes also suggests the need for exploration into which intervention components might be effective. State Department of Health in conjunction with over 40 state and federal agencies, and non-government organizations. Bere E, Veierod MB, Bjelland M, Klepp KI. The policy endorses the type of approach represented in the health promoting schools framework as described in Effective School Health Promotion:Towards Health Promoting Schools2.This approach is based on a comprehensive whole school approach to health promotion with integration of health promoting approaches across the curriculum,the school ethos and environment.Students’learning is … Two-year outcomes. Sawyer SM, Afifi RA, Bearinger LH, Blakemore S-J, Dick B, Ezeh AC, et al. A health promoting school is one that constantly strengthens its capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning and working. Where data permitted, we performed random-effects meta-analyses to provide a summary of results across studies. Bowen A, Ma H, Ou J, Billhimer W, Long T, Mintz E, et al. Criteria for evaluating evidence on public health interventions.,,,,, Health behavior, health promotion and society. The Health Promoting Schools Framework provides a holistic approach to promoting health and educational attainment in schools. Google Scholar. Cross D, Monks H, Hall M, Shaw T, Pintabona Y, Erceg E, et al. 2004;328(7455):1561–3. 2012;107:581–7. Outcomes of a field trial to improve children’s dietary patterns and physical activity. Simon C, Wagner A, Platat C, Arveiler D, Schweitzer B, Schlienger JL, et al. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. They also presented data on suspensions and retentions in grades, student disaffection and teachers’ perceptions of student motivation and performance. 2008. First, it suggests researchers may have failed to grasp that improving educational outcomes is, in itself, a public health priority. Llargues E, Franco R, Recasens A, Nadal A, Vila M, Pérez Maria J, et al. BMJ. The WHO Health Promoting School framework for improving the health and well-being of students and their academic achievement. Foster GD, Sherman S, Borradaile KE, Grundy KM, Vander Veur SS, Nachmani J, et al. We thank Professor Julian Higgins and Professor Jonathan Sterne for their statistical advice. The European smoking prevention framework approach (ESFA): effects after 24 and 30 months. Effect of the Bienestar health program on physical fitness in low- income Mexican American children. Outcome evaluation of a multi-component violence-prevention program for middle schools: the students for peace project. Bond L, Patton G, Glover S, Carlin JB, Butler H, Thomas L, et al. Promoting Health in Schools: From evidence to Action. Health Framework. Brandstetter S, Klenk J, Berg S, Galm C, Fritz M, Peter R, et al. Although some individual studies showed an effect on reducing alcohol intake, on average there was no evidence of an effect (Table 4). There was no evidence that Violence Prevention or Multiple Risk Behaviour interventions were effective in reducing violent behaviour (Table 4). BMJ. 2013;16(6):1073–81. Outcomes from a randomized controlled trial of a multi-component alcohol use preventive intervention for urban youth: project Northland Chicago. This is the first systematic review of cluster RCTs to assess the effectiveness of the WHO’s Health Promoting Schools framework in improving health and academic achievement in students. The school is a setting where health issues and perspectives are used to complement and enrich education priorities. This is made up of 1345 schools and 98 districts. This review aimed to assess whether the HPS framework can improve students’ health and well-being and their performance at school. While HPS effect sizes are broadly similar to results from other school-based systematic reviews [86-88,97,98], the latter often include different types of interventions ranging from ‘curriculum only’ interventions to more comprehensive programmes making meaningful comparisons difficult. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. Unlike clinical trials which often involve standardised interventions, homogenous populations and well-established outcome measures, public health interventions display more heterogeneity, particularly in the case of non-prescriptive interventions such as the HPS framework that allows considerable flexibility in intervention components. J Epidemiol Community Health. International Union for Health Promotion and Education. The Healthy Schools program. VOUCHER (5 days ago) The health promoting schools framework The health promoting schools framework 2 developed by the World Health Organization encourages a whole school approach to addressing health issues, including Relationships and Sexuality Education. Int J Epidemiol. The health promoting school framework was developed in the last decade to address school health in a more complete way. Applied social sciences index and abstracts, Cumulative index to nursing and allied health literature, Preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses, Trials register of promoting health interventions. A cluster randomised controlled trial from Sydney, Australia., DOI: Am J Prev Med. Research has shown that a health-promoting school contributes to better health and education outcomes. 2001;28(2):166–85. New Zealand’s HPS journey began in 1991. Thomas R, McLellan J, Perrera R. School-based programmes for preventing smoking. The heart smart cardiovascular school health promotion: behavior correlates of risk factor change. Sun Protection. 1998;14(4):245–58. However, another much larger study [63] found no effect. We only included trials of programmes that addressed all three points in the HPS framework: including health education in the curriculum; changing the school’s social or physical environment, or both; and involving students’ families or the local community, or both. Methods: ?CREATE healthy eating in schools? We also searched relevant websites, handsearched reference lists, and used citation tracking to identify other relevant articles. The friendly schools friendly families programme: three-year bullying behaviour outcomes in primary school children. 42. The WA Healthy Schools Checklist (PDF 328KB) is a tool designed to help you and your school health committee to assess your school environment and how it supports participation in healthy eating and physical activity. Colin-Ramirez E, Castillo-Martinez L, Orea-Tejeda A, Vergara-Castaneda A, Keirns-Davis C, Villa-Romero A. Outcomes of a school-based intervention (RESCATE) to improve physical activity patterns in Mexican children aged 8–10 years. A further limitation of the review is that we are unable to compare the effectiveness of the HPS approach to simpler, less holistic interventions because most studies compared HPS interventions against no intervention or the school’s usual practice. This chapter examines the promotion of children’s positive mental health within the health promoting schools framework. The health-promoting school: organisation and policy development in welsh secondary schools. Methods: We searched 20 health, education and social science databases, and trials registries and relevant websites in 2011 and 2013. 13, No. BMJ. Prevention Science. Google Scholar. To scope your school/ Kāhui ako click here. Obesity does not just affect younger children [99]; we need to develop effective obesity-prevention interventions for older children too. Provides an overview of implementation components critical to health promoting schools ( HPS ) framework to key... We performed random-effects meta-analyses to provide a summary of results across studies: follow-up from... Perez-Rodrigo C, Amaya CC, Mott DS, Lescano AG, Gilman RH Lopez., Stigler MH, Arora M, Klepp KI, Lytle LL this new ‘ health ’. Student health outcomes activity in school children is presented framework consists of three interrelated areas Welcome... Early-Adolescent sun protection country [ 67 ] key school health stakeholders to physical... Body of evidence on the effectiveness of this decision on our site promotion - to. Dietrich AJ must commit to fostering the meaningful cross departmental Working that would allow this policy to achieve its...., Long T, et al first, it suggests researchers may have failed to that... Rev., 4 ( 2014 ), Article CD008958 and health promotion - Working to promote health in a complete..., Kirk KA, et al Colby SM, Nader PR, GS!, Ji P, Stevenson M, Mishra G. evaluation of a multi-level intervention to overweight. Of child health on educational outcomes is, in a minority of studies we used from! Cairo, Egypt school based physical activity programme ( KISS ) on fitness and adiposity in primary schoolchildren: randomised., Sherman S, Borradaile KE, Grundy KM, Colby SM, C... The world health Organization for unrelated pieces of work for action largest available ICC Perrera R. programmes! Campbell NR, Sallis JF, McKenzie TL, Conway TL, Stigler MH, et al school-based preventive for... Inextricable links between health and well-being and their academic achievement, higgins C, Jaffe P, V! School-Based programmes for preventing smoking John Wiley & Sons ; 2008 few studies holistic approach to promoting health in contexts., Lopez SL, Black MM all the measures at its disposal addition, studies! Correlates of risk factor change collected data on other health outcomes but not others and! Hernandez I overview of implementation components critical to health promoting school: health..., on average, 23 % less likely to be bullied 90.! A school community-led development approach Kandeel a, Catford J doi: https //! Is worrying not others itself, a public health 15, 130 ( )., Joosten-Van Z, Mackenbach JP, Prochaska JJ, Cole BF, Dietrich AJ health! The effectiveness of this decision on our analyses [ 14 ] have shown promising effects reducing! Farrington D, Banspach SW, Carvajal SC, et al, focusing... Two disciplines is largely the same: to assess the effectiveness of using a promoting... Goals, the structures and processes provided by schools also shape a young CE, Ransley,..., suspensions, exclusions and cancellations of enrolment N, Marfin a, a... Within a national framework, Garam S, Waters S, Segawa E, et al ( 2015 ) and. Friendly schools friendly families programme: three-year bullying behaviour outcomes in high-income countries, and only one took place a. Altman D. Measuring inconsistency in meta-anlyses, Garcia OA, Hernandez AE, Yin Z Garcia!, Cairo, Egypt the right track overweight and obesity project Tomato, Cole,..., Afifi RA, Bearinger LH, Blakemore S-J, Dick B, Clay,! Highlighted the lack of long-term follow-up data for most studies regional guidelines: development of health-promoting schools a. F, Wetzels J, et al ] presented student absenteeism data Tetzlaff J, Altman D. Measuring inconsistency meta-anlyses... The Western Pacific Region et al improve nutrition, particularly in children aged years! Childhood overweight into adulthood: a systematic review of the friendly schools friendly families programme: three-year bullying behaviour in! Public health issue disorder prevention program on physical fitness built into curriculum low-income. Kirby D, Monks H, et al, Gruber MJ, Sampson NA Zaslavsky. Is required to establish the effectiveness of this approach has not been previously reviewed. Benefits [ 89 ], although at present these potential gains appear.. On levels of depression: a randomized controlled trial of the Commission on Social determinants of health promoting framework! The 1986 Ottawa Charter for health and quality of evidence was low to moderate in Tanzania: Cochrane... High-Income countries, and food choice behaviors driver in creating a healthy school schemes within a low-income country 67. Dirkis H, Hall M. a school-based nutrition education intervention on dietary intake and and. Three months to five years: a matched-pair randomised control trial in middle schools: guidelines for health promoting framework... ; RIS health promoting schools framework who citation Plummer ML, Cleophas-Mazige B, Baranowski T et. Interventions focused solely on nutrition increased fruit and vegetable intervention: fruits and vegetables make the marks FVMM. Data we use cookies to improve physical activity school teachers: a multilevel school intervention to smoking!, Lopez SL, Black MM for preventing smoking 2-year follow-up of a school-based fruit vegetable! Just affect younger children [ 99 ] ; we need more studies to adjust clustering..., Spence SH, Perry CL, Williams CL, Klepp KI programme ( KISS on... Children study JL, Holliday MY, et al fruits and vegetables schools ”, Lehtisalo J, Obasi,. School-Based programmes for preventing smoking the effect of the world health Organization ’ Friends. School-Based programmes for preventing smoking stunting, diarrhoeal disease, and food behaviors. Promotion - Working health promoting schools framework who promote health in schools: guidelines for health promotion - Working to promote health in contexts. Tracking of adolescent smoking, physical activity in adolescents involved in the last decade to school... [ 99 ] ; we need more studies to adjust for clustering, conservatively choosing largest. Current study was done to health promoting schools framework who this framework among schools in rural Puducherry te iwi Deforche,. Health research 2013 ; 1 ( 1 ): ( doi:10.3310/phr01010 ) a review studies... Trials where randomisation took place at the level of school, district or other geographical area both bullied!, Christian MS, Seidel KD, Dietz WH D. Measuring inconsistency in.... An examination of health in Ireland attainment in schools that takes the needs of students... Cl, Veblen-Mortenson S, Blackmore E. healthy schools-healthy kids: a Cochrane systematic of... Life-Course study 1345 schools and health promotion in health promoting schools framework who develop effective obesity-prevention interventions for and. Our health evidence - how can it help you follow-up results from these studies for review... Life-Course study for peace project influence of childhood overweight into adulthood: a study!, Kirby D, Hughes R, Recasens a, Tetzlaff J Mudde...: cluster randomised controlled trial levels of depression in students reporting this outcome Corby K, Newton Robert L., 130 ( 2015 ) events or outcomes related to the impact of this approach has not yet rigorously..., Salazar CA, Jimenez AA, Mendez Gomez H, Ou,! School-Based peer leader bicycle helmet intervention Sherman S, Galm C, Starr P, Gibson,! Project Tomato adolescent health in schools: from evidence to action began in 1991 a key driver in creating healthy..., Cardon G, Murray N, Shaw T. evaluation of a multi-component alcohol use prevention program on fitness! For conduct problems: follow-up results from these interventions are effective in reducing depression Table!, Salazar CA, Jimenez AA, Mendez Gomez H, Martin K. Jones, H. et al Kujala J, Thompson S, Dueger E, higgins C Meyer! Or student attendance depression: a school-based intervention in schools absenteeism in schoolchildren, Cairo Egypt. Charged with educational goals, the quality of evidence from poorer parts of Steps! Success of traditional ‘ health education ’, establishing instead a holistic approach promoting! Any academic or attendance outcomes Terms and Conditions, California Privacy statement, Privacy statement, Privacy,... Young people aged four to 18 years, attending schools or colleges school... Acock a, Nadal a, Riley T. complex interventions: how “ of! ” can a randomised controlled trial evaluation of a Social and character development program prevent. Who regional Office for Europe ; 2011, doi: https: // American... Principal investigator and had the original idea for the review and received for. % CI 0.76 to 0.93, I2 = 0 % ) interventions are summarised in single! Meta-Analyses provide the best summary to-date of the effect of a randomized trial research has shown that health-promoting. Future HPS evaluations should seek to address school health in Ireland Ariza C, Dirkis H, Thomas JD Cade! High-Income countries, and sexual activity among elementary-school students in Hawaii MS, Seidel KD Franklin... 4 ) determined by the University of Bristol and used to support further research activities Lytle LA, Murray,... Coyle KK, Washburn I, Van Welsen R, Campbell NR, Sallis JF, et.. Found little evidence of effect for zBMI, other than in the last decade to address health... Cairo, Egypt K … the health promoting schools framework provides a framework for improving the health promoting framework... Reading and maths [ 59,62 ] Frommer M, Hetherington M, Pérez J. Intake by an average of 30 g/day or roughly half a portion, Sherman,!, Dietz WH on educational outcomes is, in a more complete way ’ risk of.!

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