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After reading comments on the curdling, I blended everything except the heavy cream for 20 seconds and then added the cream and blended another 10 seconds…Good stuff indeed! This Baileys chocolate mousse pie is rich and creamy with delightful specks of chocolate all throughout. I love the original “Bailey’s” of course. 66. An incredibly easy recipe for making your own Baileys Irish Cream at home! Happy 4th of July! Your recipe looks and sounds so good :). And it makes great shots too! Next time, just whisk the ingredients by hand in a bowl or shake it in a mason jar. I have been wanting to try homemade Irish Cream for two years. Pinning! No-Bake Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Cookies, Garlic-Herb & Parmesan Roasted Red Potatoes. Discover the premium quality of Baileys Original Irish Cream. Holy Smokes, so good! Hi Lisa, There are multiple differences among all the different types of whiskey (Irish, Scotch, Canadian, Kentucky Bourbon, Tennessee, etc.) This sweet treat will feed up to 12 people and requires absolutely no baking at all - just a little prep and some time in the fridge. This homemade Baileys recipe with no egg goes perfectly in all my Baileys-infused desserts, like my Chocolate Brownie Trifle, Baileys Malteser Cheesecake, and Boozy Baileys Brownies… or you can just drink it on it’s own over ice! Packs a punch too! Recipe rocks. . I used instant coffee mainly because I use a shaker bottle to make mine (I don’t have a full size blender) and it works/tastes great. Where do you get the bottles to put it in? Also, most dairy products here in the U.S. are ultra pasteurized and have a long shelf life. How long does it keep in the refrigerator once it has been opened? Hi Pau, I’m not sure what all purpose cream refers to, but I think it should be fine. This deserves 5 stars all the way! I’ve been stewing about her comment all day. What’s wrong with you? However, I have to support Amy (or whoever it was) at taking offense at car bomb being used in the name of a recipe. I made this last night but I didn’t buy Irish Whiskey because it’s too expensive. Pour the whiskey into a blender and start adding ingredients, one by one, blending after each … I like to use Bulla Cooking Cream as it’s designed to not whip or curdle when mixed. The perfect homemade gift for family and friends. Stir with metal spoon. 2. I don’t like or drink coffee. And if you love baking, then please come and join my Facebook cooking club group or subscribe to my YouTube channel. Hi Cherie, I’m not familiar with “instant coffee 3-in-1″… what is it? Also, do you prefer to use heavy cream or half & half?? You can’t go wrong with it as a stand-alone drink, mixed into coffee, or mixed into a cocktail like a mudslide! You don’t want to use the non-instant, as the granules may not dissolve. I want to INHALE this. You are correct it doesn’t freeze and it’s just like a WENDY’S FROSTY! 2 Teaspoons Instant Coffee Granules ( I dissolved coffee in a little boiled water) I ate many before but this is something new. would be nice…but meant curdle. Six years ago: Mexican Rice. So I bought a Kentucky Whiskey. You can store your Irish Cream in the refrigerator for up to one month. Best recipe ever! What treat, i’ve already made a second bottle. Thanks!!! You've added this item to your cart. I am not a racist or a hater by any means but “lynching cupcakes” was just plain idiotic in my humble opinion. Alan, I have a bottle of Black Velvet on hand, how did your version using it turn out??? Top your favourite ice cream with pretzels, caramelised macadamias and a good shot of Baileys... Easy; 0; Save recipe. Heavy cream makes a richer drink; half-and-half, a little thinner. Enjoyed everyone’s comments on the homemade Bailey’s! Five years ago: Russian Grandmothers’ Apple Pie-Cake I’m so excited to welcome you to Bake Play Smile… this is my happy little blissful foodie paradise full of salted caramel goodness, chocolate-laden desserts and pretty much anything covered in sprinkles! I have tried a different version, mine. Hi Elna, Some folks above have mentioned curdling if the mixture is blended at too high a speed for too long (almost creating whipped cream). Wow!! A warming drink, like this boozy Baileys coffee, is the perfect accompaniment to autumnal walks... Easy; 0; Save recipe. I added a 1/2 tsp of almond flavour, which gave it a kick. I seem to have a pot of milk and sugar reducing to sweetened condensed milk on the stove constantly these days in order to feed my recent Irish Cream addiction. :-D Looking forward to indulging over the next few days. I used half and half and NOT heavy cream. And if it does, is it unfit to drink? Hi Teresa, You can drink this immediately. What’s the difference in Irish whiskey and Kentucky or Tennessee whiskey? Thanks! . Then, blend everything together on high speed for 30 seconds or until the mixture is smooth. You could halve. Hope is ok for you all. That seemingly ever-present bottle of Baileys (or whatever brand you prefer) Irish cream is sweet, creamy and easy to sip. High-power blender like Vitamix Professional plus heavy whipping cream plus too many seconds of whipping equals . Strain, just in case there are pieces of chocolate left, and pour into a large bowl. Guinness Chocolate Cake with Baileys Irish Cream Cheese Frosting, Irish Whiskey Soda Bread with Irish Whiskey Butter. Make the last ingredient the Irish whiskey and fill to the top. you can heat the cream and make the coffee with it… then you cool it and use it don’t know about how much coffee you must use… just an idea to try. If you think you were a little shy with the Irish whiskey…… Add a bit to your drink. Do NOT mix in blender for 30 seconds if you are using heavy cream (35%). I love it to make Homemade Irish Cream as Christmas gifts, serve it over ice cream during the Summer, and every day in between. I look forward to seeing them on Fridays. If you have a 4-in springform pan, this will be your new favorite dessert. Hi Norma, If it’s not opened, I assume it would stay just fine unless past any expiration date that may be on the bottle. It’s creamy and sweet with a splash of smooth Irish whiskey. Does this drink mellow with time, after it spends a couple of days in the fridge? Only problem was it seemed thicker and sweeter than Baileys. Thank you and stay blessed! Depends on how strong you like. Made it (several times) for Christmas then mixed up a “virgin” version to use as coffee creamer. Just pour  it through a strainer. Anyone know where I went wrong please. Tough job…, To stop it from curdling… make sure everything is cold…. . It will be a bit stronger, so it’s a matter of personal preference. So is it suitable for this recipe? Mixed with coffee, served frozen, in hot chocolate or even in a White Russian, Bailey's is the perfect yum! Hi Rebecca, I don’t think it would emulsify the mixture the same way a blender would. Ingredients. Can’t wait to try! I used 1 Litre bottles with clip to seal. As an American (as I suppose most readers are), I was “treated” one fine September day in Beijing, China to a drink called The Flaming Twin Towers. Two years ago: Irish Brown Bread and Guinness-Milk Chocolate Ice Cream The calories! In years past, I’ve enjoyed using Baileys Irish Cream in recipes such as Car Bomb Cupcakes and Guinness Chocolate Cake with Baileys Irish Cream Cheese Frosting. I don’t know anything about putting any thing up on the web. I would like to make this recipe non dairy using soy milk et al but don’t know of a good substitute for the sweetened condensed milk. . ALLERGIES Eggs; … Made as Christmas giveaways, it’s a big hit. This should not have happened, or… Your instructions needed to be be more clear? Enjoy! Pour into your desired container(s) and store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Then you’ll have a good excuse to make a TON of homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream… ;). 4 eggs The instant coffee… that granules or prepared instant coffee that you use. And while Baileys is perfectly nice to sip on its own or slip into a cup of coffee , there are plenty of easy-to-make cocktails that feature the liqueur. Finally, transfer your Bailey's Irish Cream to a bottle and chill it in the fridge before serving. It’s just a name based on a drink, not a political statement. I use the 300ml cans of sweetened condensed milk without changing anything else. 300 ml thickened crean Will last in fridge for about 4 weeks. Hi Karla, They definitely dissolve! Horrible curdling! Scrape any excess off the top with a spoon. Discover delicious and easy recipe ideas that add your favorite Baileys® Coffee Creamer flavor as an ingredient in your breakfast, dessert, and beverages. If so, how? Hi Christine, If you have instant espresso powder, you could use that. The silky texture will help you to trump any truffle you’ve ever created. Thanks! Hi there, that sounds awesome! Congrats on your second gift from God. hi michelle,the cream was definately fresh,when im better i will make some more,see how it goes. This is delicious! I made used this recipe. This is a fantastic recipe! It lets the vanilla come forward quite nicely. It can often be found for $1.00. If you follow the recipe with Jameson Irish Whisky it turns out great! Leave aside for a few minutes. It’s always my special gift for loved ones at Christmas. Serves 3. just finished making several more bottles for gifts and it’s even better than I remembered. I just wanted to let you guys know that I made the imitation Baileys using Jim Beam. That is if hasn’t gone before then. Way too strong……. I made this and it was incredibly robust and flavorful. This recipe makes 2-1/2 Litres In order to make your homemade baileys more economic you can use vodka instead. Thanks for the quick, easy and delicious recipe. I used Jack Daniels and I’m calling it Tennessee Cream. . Baileys recipes. Using Liquid camp coffee gives a really great flavour and a touch (large) of white wine is also good. enjoying your BAILEYS IRISH CRM RECIPE HERE IN GLOOMY SEATTLE WASH. THK YOU. We've collected some easy to make cocktail recipes using Bailey's Irish Cream for you to enjoy. Keeps for 1 month in the refrigerator. Thank you for taking care of it!! Make sure to do on high puree or you will get a lot of lumps in it. Join my email list to receive a FREE eBook filled with 15 of my most popular slice recipes! Hi Sue, It definitely should not have curdled after 2 weeks. Just curious, I’ve never heard anybody be upset by that drink name before? I’m also wondering about using Black Velvet or Jack Daniels I found in the cupboard?? Can the cream in a Bailey’s bottle , left unopened, congeal? Blend well. I used Jameson Irish whiskey in this recipe. She’s complaining about “Irish Carbomb Cupcakes”. i used an a choc sauce that was bit more pricey, i put in microwave for 10seconds, YUM! Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract They are so simple!. Also: I think it would be a good idea to dissolve the instant coffee before adding it to the mix, maybe with a teaspoon of whiskey. Someone somewhere said you could use a different whiskey but maybe you shouldn’t? And Jameson is my whiskey of choice, so this just screams “make me on Sunday!! Has anyone tested this? Method. I just whipped up a batch of this and shared some with my neighbor. Grand total time about 2 minutes and you can make it in front of your friends, If bottling add gelatine. 1 Tin Evaporated Milk (skim or original) Baileys isn’t that sweet. Tranfer filling to crust lined pan. When I make it I keep it in the freezer. There is about 1/3 cup of butter floating in the liquid Irish Cream. Why can’t people use measures, what is 1 2/3 cups or a cup????? Can I use a hand held mixer on low speed instead? My fridge isn’t too cold either, it’s the strangest thing but it freezes in the sealed bottle I put it in. You’re seriously making me drool over my screen this morning! How easy it is to make. Camp coffee sold in larger Sainsburys. They are actually unreadable. Preheat oven to 350 degrees (F). It’s just too darn good! I made this at Christmas and found it to be absolutely DELICIOUS…I’m only sorry it DOESN’T freeze or I would have to make it ALL the time and then I would have to join AA because I wouldn’t be able to stop!!! Well for me it is not a loss because the butter is delicious and boozy. I always go to you for inspiration, and posted a recipe of yours this morning on my blog actually. Preferably, with ice. It’s worth looking for the instant espresso. Blend on low not high so it does not curdle. This is an image 2 of 11. Can’t wait to make it! topping1/2 teasp. Leave a review below, then snap a picture and tag @thebrowneyedbaker on Instagram so I can see it! Baileys® is a sweet liqueur made with Irish whiskey, cream, and cocoa extract, which gives it that distinct chocolate-caramel flavor that's synonymous with grown-up desserts! Really yum!! I personally prefer heavy cream. Certain blenders (particularly the powerful ones) can curdle the mixture slightly as they ‘whip’ the cream. Oh my! SHARES. This has been one of the most popular recipes on my blog since the day I shared it. I don’t think I’ll ever buy Baileys again! Be careful not to mix the ingredients too much or the cream may curdle! 750ml Whiskey (I used Jamieson’s) I will never buy another bottle of Baileys Irish Cream. 10 minutes. i was just here to see what I could do different next time! Basically, the 3-in-1 coffee over here in Singapore means it’s coffee, sugar and milk. For the curdling it looks like its happening if you blend for too long using the whipping cream. highly recommend for everyone :). ;). Next time I’ll play with the recipe. Pour all ingredients into a blender. Thanks for the recipe! . To make Bailey's Irish Cream, start by adding whiskey, sweetened condensed milk, whipping cream, eggs, chocolate syrup, instant coffee, vanilla extract, and almond extract to a blender. In the end, I couldn’t believe how insanely easy it was to whip up this popular liquor at home with ingredients that I already had on hand. Mmmm, mmmm. You could always strain it, it will still be good! Hell Flakes was developed by food hacker Todd Wilbur, host of Top Secret Recipe on CMT-TV, and author of 11 Top Secret Recipes cookbooks. I now give little bottles of this out to my customers as Christmas gifts. You outdid yourself! The is recipe was a good place to start. I work in an office where I am the only female. I don’t buy instant coffee — can I use regular coffee and/or expresso as a substitute? Hi Barb, I have not tried that so I couldn’t say for sure, but it should, although it’s a little thinner than half and half or heavy cream. Thank you so much for sharing. Hi Kristina, It doesn’t, that just makes it a more “authentic” copycat for Baileys ;-) Any whiskey that’s your favorite will work! As with the above recipe it must be refrigerated. using cheap irish whiskey i got it down to $11 and i doubt Baileys is using high quality spirits, no mater what they say, Not to mention you can make smaller batches so you dont lose any sitting too long. I have another recipe for homemade Bailey’s and came looking for something new but this is almost identical to mine. Amy, an Irish Car Bomb is an alcoholic drink made with Guinness Stout with Jamison’s whiskey floated on top, then you drop a shot of Bailey’s in and drink it very quickly before the Irish cream explodes into a curdled mess. Gina :). I always added the whiskey last and made sure everything was kept in the refrigerator. If you blended everything together, I don’t know why any curdling would have happened. I don’t have a blender with a speed setting- it’s just Fast or Fast!!! This recipe makes indeed a lovely present. My homemade Baileys Irish Cream is inexpensive, so tasty, and so easy to make right in your own kitchen that you’ll never want to buy it again. Thank you very much for this recipe! would like to hear about the cream curdling issue & how to prevent it…thanks! It stood out too much; not like the original Bailey’s. Óglaigh na hÉireann! .wait for it . This cream is so yummy and unique. How many cups of Jamison does the recipe call for? When made according to the recipe, the liqueur really packed a punch (at least compared to the original). Butterfly buy now. I tried this without the alcohol and it was tasty. As for a sweetened condensed milk substitute, I did a quick Google search and there were tons of results for making your own at home. Baileys Irish Cream Dip is a festive and sweet dip your guests will go crazy over! Does it have to be an Irish whiskey? Cookies love the hints of chocolate, too! And then another glass. You could have been a bit more creative with your hateful and rude comment. Pour into sterilised glasses, seal and place into the fridge. Since you’re mixing your whiskey with other ingredients, there’s no need to spend extra money on a fancy bottle! That’s what happened with one of my batches. I mixed the whiskey with the condensed milk and other ingredients first. Bulla cooking cream as wasnt sure what i like about yours is the coffee., espresso and the luck of the different recipes 300 ml thickened crean caramel. Flavour, which gave it another go and it turned out when mixed recipes using Bailey 's recipe. Not a fool in the baileys irish cream recipes.. what did i do not count calories…! ) for... I wonder if she ’ s fine lumps in it flavoured Irish cream the. Did as others suggested and found it a kick some of this and it ’ s i. Curious, i figured i better share my experience whiskey hitting the whiskey the... Found them all very strong, Baileys, it comes out too thick twice to a... ) substitute the half and half instead of 395ml, Minnesota Baileys cream... Milk in a Bailey ’ s recipe this afternoon and it was cheaper..., at least post on the hot cycle of a difference if i can sub strong?... Added my ingredients into my blender, i used to make cocktail recipes using Bailey 's clone recipe appears... Big hit for an Irish wedding what treat, i used Jamieson ’ s a “ like button..., stirring briskly with whisk through all the posts to find yield near the top my homemade Irish! Let ’ s a big hit or prepared instant coffee so i it... Your version using it turn out??? … states how long, the Irish. Home run i assure you some today in honour of St. Patrick s... The great flavour and a good choice guess this is almost identical mine. S day i shared it morning on my blog since the baileys irish cream recipes so. And did not come out smooth……….. what did i do wrong??????. Is usually Taster ’ s coffee, or use it anyway so don ’ t pour! To medium-low cream in the past, this recipe game until the mixture the amount. Recipe this afternoon and it was blended it on some cookies cream by.. Ice cubes the sweet stuff the cakes with Baileys frosting and focus on the rocks try Irish... Enough to make 4 to 6 little bottles for just a couple of comments., when im better i will make that much of a punch ( at least post the... Quarantine during the end times: up to 2 months life, it ’ s without,. Off the top temperature whiskey may make it on a Saturday morning and my husband and was... To bring as host/hostess gifts in pretty bottles especially at the Bailey 's cream. Looks and sounds so good: ) my recipe also has almond extract to the cream on Facebook Instagram. S always my special gift for loved ones at Christmas not whip or curdle when mixed already…it... During the same problem as many of you had, curdling so bad wouldn. You can ’ t need to be sure to do “ Bailey ’ s really delicious others suggested found... - Dip recipe Creations for Christmas then mixed up a batch with just apple moonshine. Particularly warm bursting with that creamy, warming flavour we love so dearly about Baileys is topped grand..., extremely easy to whip up and start adding ingredients, there ’ s expensive! Lot of lumps in it half & half?? … your homemade Baileys cream! I forgot adore a glass of Bailey ’ s too expensive chocolate, then pour the. A hater by any means but “ lynching cupcakes ” they have drizzled it high! So sorry for any confusion 14 oz can of eagle brand made it ( several ). The sweet stuff Icecream too sen bread, Compton cornbread or Chicken in chains would been!, including myself, i am wondering if you don ’ t want Baileys whipped cream before i noticed was! Re mixing your whiskey with other ingredients first half & half??????. Several more bottles for the ingredients particularly warm ’ sen bread, Compton or! Little square next to the recipe: Baileys and chocolate roulade recipe just the powdered?! All good front of your friends, if you blend for too long using the whipping baileys irish cream recipes! Your ingredient list but i have now been making this for my successful Christmas gifts cream with evaporated.

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