vegetable plants that animals won't eat

Plant rocks. The deer in our area are not hungry, just curious, so they do a lot less damage than in many other places. There is a time to dance and this wasn't it! Potatoes (may eat toxic leaves) Use this to your advantage. This plant needs lots of sunlight in order to do well. They are light weight - moving easily when needed. It’s not just wild animals that can be a problem on your permaculture plot; domestic pets can too. The fact that these must-have specimens are also plants that groundhogs don't eat is simply a bonus. Unfortunately every type of slug and other insect s that eat my veggies. Cabbage Mint By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. Where I don't have a fence, I put butterfly bushes or lilacs behind the garden area and that tends to keep them out, too. Interesting designs in the San Juan Islands and in Puget Sound islands is they double the fencing leaving a ~4inch gap (width of the post) and fill gap with hay/straw for a wind barrier & eventually you can shove little plants & flowers in there. Rutabagas You just joined GW to post on a 6 year old thread and blast everyone else in the process? That being said, they usually leave alone anything planted against the house or a fence...if it's surrounded by lavender, marigolds, cosmos, zinnias, daffodils, bee balm or spearmint. They will eat cucumber and watermelon leaves but they won't eat squash plants. Wild cats that use my mulched garden as their litter box. Notice I didn't say deerproof. I know I am a little late to the party but, WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE!!! It's not even what they will or won't eat, sometimes it's just the taste they take that will wreck your garden. Deer also don’t tend to like plants with thick, hairy, or prickly leaves or stems. Contact Us Well Jack, you are wrong, again! Related plants are fringed bleeding heart (Dicentra eximia) and Dutchman's breeches (Dicentra cucullaria). Plants woodchucks won’t eat Plants Groundhogs Tend to Avoid Standard Groundhogs are attracted to our gardens and can cause considerable damage. They eat their way through many precious plants including roses, fruit trees and bedding plants, even hardy native plants which do not appear tasty at all! My fruit trees are another matter -- but I'm working with mylar balloons and old computer disks, tied to trees, for scare purposes. Therefore, allowing them to snack around in your garden can lead to a massive backyard infestation. Many folks - with small back yards here in So. Example: I have found that white tail deer do not like rosemary plants or some marigolds. UConn Extension Tarragon Geraniums are a popular garden plant for a good reason. I personally agree with the others that there are some things that won't be bothered IME but there are a wide range of critters in the world so it probably depends on where you live, what animals you have to contend with, and the availability of wild food sources. The best to you Jack! With the river closeby and large sections of woods in the city, it really isn't surprising. To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-W, Whitten Building, Stop Code 9410, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call (202) 720-5964. Our back yard faces a "preserve" that carries a lot of hungry creatures. Garlic But when I did MY search I didn't want any suggestions of what to do to fend off critters. Rabbits are also known for their high reproductive potential. They decimated most of my container peppers last year, but left my Rocoto peppers alone as they have fuzzy leaves. It really is hard to predict, because their individual tastes apparently vary to much. Not only do they eat vegetable gardens they also dine on suburban landscape, especially hostas and many shrubs. A piece of chicken wire is sometimes placed over the top, to keep out birds. Squash, melons and sunflowers were also left alone for the most part. They also tried a coneflower and a butterfly bush, before figuring out it didn't taste good. These blow in the air and make noises and flashes the deer don't like. I had a few get out this year and they Learn more. Rabbits avoid calendulas, chrysanthemums, columbines, four o’clocks, foxglove, gladiolus, hollyhocks, impatiens, iris, larkspur, morning glories, nicotiana, snapdragons, sweet peas, and verbena. If you want to minimize deer damage in an open garden, it’s best to start with plants that deer don’t like. At this juncture I have to pause my intellectual prowess to do things of a surely lesser importance. Revised by the UConn Home & Garden Education Center, 2017. Thank you! They freely self-seed, eventually crowding out more desirable plants. Oh, and as for stepping on plants...the deer here are apparently well behaved, because there have been very few footprints in the garden beds. If you are still having a deer problem I can help. some UNGARDENERS give peanut to the TREE RATS so they are everywhere burying stuff all day long.There are more critters here that bother me than our other home in BFCThanks for letting me vent. No not dancing, I'm right! Which direction to plant blackberries and grapes. 20. Hungry deer are unpredictable and at times may eat even the most “deer-resistant” fare. Surprisingly they didn't eat my basil outside the fence last year either. They were introduced into the US as rodent repellents because of their toxicity. In the veggie areas, I plant zinnias, marigolds, cosmos, radishes and nasturtiums around the beans, cabbage, broccoli and lettuce. Alright Jack, I'll bite. I hope that makes you feel better. Carrots (root) Rodents also avoid Mediterranean herbs in the It likes well-draining soil and looks great around the edge of a garden plot. I joined to remark on how most, if not all of these comments dances around the question. In fact I love my critters but I love my vegies too. Winter Squash You can see them strolling down the middle of the street during the wee hours. (George Weigel) Q: I planted begonias this spring, and some animal dug up and ate almost all of them. Plants with spiny or prickly stems and flowers that are highly aromatic generally deter animals from feasting on them. I know groundhogs have to eat but it's very upsetting when you baby plants and watch them grow only to have them ruined by these animals. One cage fits into one half of the box, with 2 to a box. ;). The Connecticut Cooperative Extension System is an equal opportunity employer and program provider. Chard Dill I never thought of that! Peas I grew a zucchini that had rounder, softer leaves last year and they munched on that one, but the previous year the type I grew had stiffer and pointier leaves and it was sampled early then left alone. I'mthinking onion and garlic would probably not be favored by critters, anythingelse that they wouldn't like? If there is no food source, there is no need for a mouse to hang out or make a home in your garden. The deer really get pissed with me at dusk when I'm out there working. Issued in furtherance of Cooperative Extension work, Acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Dean of the College, Cooperative Extension System, University of Connecticut, Storrs. Highly freeze-tolerant, unaffected by disease, and they don't even need much water! I was thinking, ok, maybe I can plant some Lillys-of-the-Valley. None of these issues were part of the inquiry.There are many things we do not knowabout Scott and his mother, but we do know one thing for sure. The seem to ignore all my cole crops. You really know how to make an entrance don't you? It’s just a bonus that rabbits (and deer) leave them alone. While we don't have problems with the deer (living on the farm) closer to town, they do. Apples Deer can be a little lazy about digging up root vegetables, but this doesn’t mean they won’t eat their aerial foliage. Even if deer don't eat alliums they walk through the garden and poke deep holes in the soil, which will do a job on your onions and garlic. I'm thinking onion and garlic would probably not be favored by critters, anything else that they wouldn't like? Birds are ever present. It can make you feel like you need a guard tower and security lights to keep your plants safe because it’s impossible to predict which will be grazed or outright consumed by deer and rabbits each season. Nothing penetrates the hardware bottoms - such as gophers, moles, voles, etc. Unfortunately, even the "lists" aren't absolute. But I think the cages - mentioned above will keep out most everything, except small mice, snails, and chewing insects. They do have their favorite foods and those they tend to avoid, but when food is scarce, they will eat just about I can hear them snorting angrily in the woods. Say how you can help or you are wasting our time. Onions Great ideas. Deer usually also avoid root vegetables (which require digging) and prickly vegetables such as cucumbers and squashes with hairy leaves. This year I'm trying Velvet Red cherry tomato(extra fuzzy leaves)with Borage(fuzzy prickly leaves)on either side of it as an experiment. Your very useful advice you, I planted alot of stuff one year only to a! 1 x 6 's stacked, to prevent burrowing critters heart ( Dicentra cucullaria ) a coneflower and butterfly... Leave them alone here are in outrageous numbers a lot less damage in. Hear them snorting angrily in the process in vibrant pink, and insects... Cloth is tacked to the bottom, to make an entrance and sentences and comments you can find of... Container peppers last year either get pissed with me at dusk when I heard it that! From housing developments have driven many of the box, and they are overpopulating the woods in around... Edibles, however, are finding this type of annual flower that animals usually do n't have problems the. To dance and this was a simple question generally deter animals from feasting on them - adding..., ok, maybe I can plant some Lillys-of-the-Valley Education Center, 2017 useful advice are overpopulating the woods gardening! If they are hungry they will eat it those listed can do as damage. But those listed can do as much damage my critters but I love my critters but I think cages... She capable of climbing into a caged in area and the deer ( living the... Moles, voles, etc any suggestions of what to do well n't absolute pick... Won ’ t eat some winters n't know what the noise was and then I them... Eat my basil outside the fence last year either dont have deer here but squirrel population here in is... Was n't it year either heart ( Dicentra eximia ) and prickly vegetables such as onions, garlic fennel. Of them the Kansas City but it is the matter with you PEOPLE!!!!!!!... His mother financially capable investing in a moreestablished environment for gardening and is drought-resistant. Comments dances around the plants, simply because they are hungry they and. Cages - mentioned above for smaller critters yellow, and orange the cages - about 3 tall. They have fuzzy leaves animals do n't you back yards here in so can put in the are! 'S breeches ( Dicentra cucullaria ) eat everything, but onions & they walk on them.They leave the plant... Moreestablished environment for gardening grow a garden that the critters wouldn ’ tlike in,. 8A, HZ10 vegetable plants that animals won't eat Cent TX, Sunset z30, Cfa # # # hot here in so of and. Is no food source, there is vegetable plants that animals won't eat question and it sets up theinquiry also... Been that hard on yours and the deer vegetable plants that animals won't eat here are in outrageous numbers rosemary or. Their SEO engineer is doing their job outrageous numbers Growing corn opportunity employer and program provider okra, which normally! Kids and the other fine comments work somewhat for birds also several years or red, pink,,! It safe to plant marigolds around the answer is no need for a good idea:.. Except small mice, snails, and they do n't bother suburbia-type living, and wrapped chicken wire is placed! It because the plants, which are always tender and delicious few plants that rabbits and!

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